11 Jan 2016

SEA 1977JamieSEA (known professionally as SEA) is a multi-genre recording artist and film producer who believes in producing music and videos that change the world for the good of all. Jamie specializes in Solo Piano Improvisation and music styles of many genres. Jamie started  playing the piano at the age of 2 and performed his first concert at the age of 5.

On the night Jamie was born, his mother was in labor praying, “Lord, give me a special child.” Right after she prayed, the room lit up from the light of full moon.  Jamie's mother believed that God had answered her prayer and immediately went to the hospital and delivered Jamie just two minutes after she arrived.

When Jamie was 4 years old, his mother asked him, “Jamie, how can you play anything you hear?” Jamie said “Mom, it's not me... it's God playing through me!”  Jamie knew what he was experiencing wasn't coming from himself, but was a gift and a great responsibility, and he believed that he was born to do something special with his life. 

One of SEA’s passions is to Change The World through music and video productions, and to help raise funds to end homelessness, hunger, and suffering around the world.  Over the years JamieSEA has seen many lives changed through his music and his charitable works, working with churches, on-profits, and other organizations.   Jamie believes if each person does their part, then together we can change and transform our world into the place it was always meant to be.

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