Changing The World

JamieSEA is a company that's on a mission to Change The World by creating awareness through music and video productions as well as raise funds to end homelessness, hunger, and suffering around the world.  


Our goal is to team up with thousands of nonprofit organizations to help them fulfill their dreams and reach their financial goals.

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Our Featured Composition


Mysterious Traveler

Mysterious Traveler is the 1st released composition of SEA's jazz/fusion series. Mysterious Traveler features the Fender bass as the lead instrument, and was composed as a tribute to the late, great Jaco Pastorius who performed with the legendary fusion band Weather Report.


Filled with synthesizer and sound effects, Mysterious Traveler has become one of SEA's favorite compositions.

Mysterious Traveler is available in download only.  To listen, please click on the MP3 demo below.  Buy MP3 $1.94 




Videos That Change The World

JamieSEA is dedicated to produce videos that will create awareness to encourage others to change the world.

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